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They are aimed at all those SMEs and self-employed that need financing for a viable business project and want to benefit from the advantages of the guarantee of a mutual guarantee company (MGS), either because they do not have sufficient guarantees to obtain a loan from financial institutions, or because with the guarantee of an MGS their interest rate and repayment terms will improve significantly, or because they require the guarantee to guarantee commitments other than financing and they can obtain it from the MGS on better terms than from other guarantee providers.

2020: a year of challenges

Crear Futuro is part of the Digital Professionals initiative of, framed in the Talent area of the lines of action of the Strategic Plan 2020-2022 of, which aims to improve employability, promoting and encouraging the acquisition of skills for digital transformation through the use of new digital technologies.

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In addition, within the framework of this project, the National Reference Center of Electronic Commerce and Digital Marketing collaborates in the dissemination and promotion of training actions in the field of Digital Economy.

The actions of this program are co-financed by the European Social Fund (ESF) for the period 2014-2020 under the Operational Program for Employment, Training and Education (POEFE) and in particular within the thematic objective 8 to “promote the sustainability and quality of employment and encourage labor mobility”.

Barça’s Economic Plan with Joan Laporta

1.- The companies, in the cases in which it is necessary, due to the worker’s activity, or because files have been sent in previous months and the worker has to receive benefits, must send the file with the periods of activity (xml), of the workers in the month of September 2020, as soon as possible (in any case, before October 20).

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Workers who are on IT, maternity, paternity, leave of absence or similar situations should not be included in the collective request, nor should all those workers who are working normally on October 1.

ISEG 110 Years | 100 Years of Astor Piazzola

The financial function of the company is in charge of obtaining, managing and controlling the financial resources used by the company. It puts in contact the obtaining and the application of the financial resources.

Environmental conditions that can positively affect the organization: appearance of new technologies. Environmental conditions that can negatively affect the organization: appearance of new competitors in the market.

The social balance sheet is a management tool for planning, organizing, directing, recording, controlling and evaluating in quantitative or qualitative terms the social management of a company, in a determined period and against pre-established targets.

The Spanish Constitution of 1978, in its article 14, recognizes the equality of all people, and on March 22, 2007 the Equality Law was approved, which calls for the application of equality in the company.

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